Translation : painting diary2 – poesy

Last night’s condition.
When I considered fixing it, I unconciously decided to chip away at it. But I couldn’t quite do it.
My opponent is huge. Moreover, it is very solid. How should I destroy it? I have to do it a little at a time. It is tough.
Chip away.
Chip away at the picture.
I can chip away at something because its parts have thickness.
As I chip away at it, you are able to see different colored layers. The harmony between these colors is unplanned.
The thickness is time.
The thickness is memory.
The thickness is accumulation.
Pathos, fixation, love, words, thanks, sadness, frustration,joy…are all discovered. Realization is born.
I imagine different things.
I awakened a self-reflecting form. Even though I created it for myself, it will certainly do the same for you.
Before I started breaking it, I had another realization.
I would depict a new form.
For example, casting off old accumulated skin.
Throw away the unnecessary information that cannot even be put into memory.
Demolish the old buildings that have stood for too long…
Destruction is exciting. Actually, you need more energy to destroy something than to build.
By destroying something, you can catch a glimpse of the significance of its existence. Its substance appears instinctively.
So this time, breathe. Take deep, deep, deep, breaths.
Your mind becomes calm.
Concentrate on one point. Listen to its voice. Have a conversation with what comes out.
Have a slow, quiet conversation.
Translator : Jeff McKenzie
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